Clubs and Activities

Check out all the clubs available for students! Most activities end between 4-4:30 p.m. Students who need transportation after meetings can take the Activity Bus which departs around 4:45 p.m. Students must have a pass from the activity sponsor. 


Tornado Athletics

Welcome to the USD 383 Middle School Athletic Program

At Anthony and Eisenhower Middle School, we believe strongly in the link between academics and activities and encourage all students to seek out extracurricular opportunities.  Athletics is one of those opportunities that can be extremely rewarding for students when they commit to the discipline and structure that occurs in the team building process.

Middle School Athletic Philosophy

Middle school athletics is based on a philosophy of allowing students an opportunity to participate in a structured, competitive sport situation, whereby they can increase their level of skill development, team-building, and sportsmanship. All students are encouraged to try-out for a team and enjoy the many benefits gained through participation in competitive athletic activities—fitness, team-building, goal-setting, socialization, and the development of personal attributes of self discipline, self-confidence, and individual skill development.                 

The Responsibilities of the Middle School Student Athlete

It is a privilege, not a right, to represent your school on the athletic field. Many students before you have worn our school colors with great honor. It is now your turn. With this honor comes responsibility. Please know and understand the elements of the Athletic Code of Conduct as outlined below.

Anthony/Eisenhower Athletic Code of Conduct


Fall Sports


Winter Sports

Spring Sports



Students interested in participating in interscholastic athletics must complete a Middle School Athletic Participation Packet (MSAPP) each year (see link below for the packet). All materials in this packet must be completed and RETURNED TOGETHER to the school athletic office PRIOR to any participation, including equipment checkout, practices, or games.

2020-2021 Athletic Participation Packet (MSAPP)

2020-2021 Paquete de Participacion Deportiva

Middle School Athletic Event Directions

Accessing Fort Riley Middle School Games


Coaching Staff



All times, dates, and locations are subject to change. 

A and B team will play on the same day unless otherwise noted.

A team will play before B team unless otherwise noted.

End times are approximate. 

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