Your Team

We want to make sure you know what you should be thinking about as you prepare for high school. The following is an action plan families can follow to set your student up to have any opportunity they desire after high school. We will revisit this plan each year, but we want to give you a game plan so you can start high school feeling informed and ready to start making the correct choices now!

What you should be doing right now…

  • Use a calendar to keep track of assignments and deadlines. Staying organized helps!!!

  • Practice good time management and study skills to keep good grades. Every class counts!

  • Get involved with extracurricular activities, clubs, leadership roles and community service. These will help on college scholarship applications and it is proven that students who are involved in school are more successful in school. And plus…they are a lot of fun!

  • Create a 4–year educational plan to help you reach your goals for after high school. The counselors will help you with this through the use of a program called Naviance.
In the Spring...
  • Choose classes for next year that will make you eligible for admission to a 4-year college right after high school. Consider including classes in your schedule to get you started on electives that meet admission requirements for 4-year colleges.
The most important thing for you to start thinking about is that your freshman year is exciting and maybe a bit nerve-wracking, but it is also a great, fresh beginning and it is an extremely important year for you and your future. So come here ready to have some fun, learn a whole lot, grow as a human being and start your life as a young adult.