College Planning


In order to best assist students and their families during the college, scholarship and financial aid process, the following information is a compilation for students and parents.  If you do not get your question(s) answered here, please contact your academic class counselor and we encourage you to explore the Counseling website.

College Applications using your Naviance online account:

Step 1:  To gain a better insight, complete or review your Strength Explorer, Career Finder, & Career Interest Profiler to assist in guiding the exploration process and direction for career interest or college majors.

Step 2:  Take or re-take the ACT or SAT.  Past scores can be found on your Naviance Profile.

Utilization of the PREP ME module in Naviance will assist in maximizing your composite score.

Step 3:  To explore college options, utilize the SuperMatch college search under the Colleges tab.  This will allow you to expand or narrow your choices.  By placing the colleges you are thinking about on your Naviance account, it will allow you to see the deadlines and communicate with your counselor.

Step 4:  Visit!  This can be don virtually but it is recommended to visit the campus personally.  This is an opportunity to meet with the admission office, tour the campus, talk with professors / coaches / departments / honor programs.  Overall start understanding what will be the best match for your next academic challenge.

Step 5:  Apply!  Applications are completed online through the school's website.  Almost 900 schools use the Common Application. This could be a good option if your colleges are on their site. 

Step 6:  Request Recommendations.  Not all schools require these, although it is essential to request counselor and teacher recommendations 3 - 4 weeks in advance to allow for it to be thoughtful, thorough and well written. 

Complete the Senior Student Self-Evaluation Survey on Naviance

Step 7:  Request for transcripts and/or unofficial ACT/SAT scores to be sent.  Transcript request instructions


    Click Understanding Assessments for a guide that will assist you in understanding the ACT, SAT, and PSAT.


    Test Prep Options

     Click Test Preparation for a guide that provides options to help you maximize your ACT or SAT assessment scores.

     NAVIANCE TEST PREP through your Naviance account should be your first option.


    Register for the PSAT

    Registration is closed for the 2019 PSAT.  Fall of 2020 PSAT will be posted later.  For more information on the PSAT: PSAT Website


    Test Preparation Websites

    Information about testing and other educational services

    Sponsor of the SAT and the Advanced Placement Test provides information on the tests, plus general college information

    Varsity Tutors is a 100% free online resource for practice tests, flashcards, and questions-of-the-day problems across 70 subjects. Thousands of additional questions added each month

    Quality for profit test prep company with some free test prep tools

    ACT/SAT Preparation Questions