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Dear Parents and Friends of Manhattan High School,


As the President of the MHS Booster Club, we are looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year.

The MHS Booster Club is here to support our kids by providing additional time, energy and/or money to school-sponsored extracurricular activities and athletics. From football to track, volleyball to swimming, from band to robotics, we are here to enhance their experiences at Manhattan High School. It is the Manhattan High School Booster Club’s mission to support our students as they explore their skills and interests in extracurricular teams, clubs and organizations. We believe that our students must be given the opportunity to grow, not only academically, but artistically and athletically as well.

Through the generous support from our local business community, parents and friends last year, the MHS Booster Club could provide over $30,000 in support. In the past 15 years, the Booster Club has donated over $500,000 and numerous volunteer hours toward extracurricular activities and athletics. Below is a list of a few items we have been able to purchase or assist with the purchase of in 2017-2018:

  • Robotics Club – Competition Registration fee
  • Jazz Ensemble – Flugelhorns & stands
  • Orchestra – Electric violins, Double bass & wireless microphones
  • The Band – Drums & bells
  • Rezac Theatre – Microphones and cases
  • Several Clubs (SADD, BPA & Tribe)
  • Athletic Departments (Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Soccer, Track & Field, Wresting, Volleyball & Football)

Without the support and membership of parents and the support of our Business Sponsors, none of this would be possible, especially given the number of cuts public schools continue to receive from the State of Kansas.  The support that Booster Club can provide our school by your membership or Business Sponsorship will only enhance the school year.  More importantly, this support will allow MHS to offer these activities in the future. Please join the MHS Booster Club and help us make a difference!

Chris and Tracy Holborn
Presidents, MHS Booster Club

If you are interested in joining Booster Club, please visit our website or are interested in advertising or a Business Sponsorship please see the related links.

2019-2020 MHS Booster Club Board Members

Current President - Chris and Tracy Holborn

Past President – Jenn Bussman                                                 

Vice President - Chad and Kim Kuntz

Secretary - Jeff and Debra Williamson

Treasurer - Tad Ruliffson

Membership - Karla Hagemeister

Publicity - Mandy Snowden and Bethany Vardiman

Fundraising - Jo Glessner and Meryl Brown