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MHS admin team 

Administration and Grade Level Teams

Michael Dorst – Principal 
Barb Clark - Principal’s Secretary  ext. 8002 

Freshman: Class of 2023  ext. 7400
David Holloway – Asst. Principal 
Kristina Schmidt - East Campus and Grade Level Office Professional 
Jana Biery – Comprehensive Counselor 
Rachelle Bahr – Comprehensive Counselor 

Sophomore: Class of 2022  ext. 8004
Trina Dibbini – Asst. Principal 
Heather Turner - Grade Level Office Professional 
Dustin Duntz – Comprehensive Counselor 
Erin Spreer – Comprehensive Counselor 

Junior: Class of 2021  ext. 8005
Ben Jimenez – Asst. Principal
Sarah Bauer- Grade Level Office Professional 
Eric Ross – Dept. Chair – Comprehensive Counselor 
Katie Ball – Comprehensive Counselor 

Senior: Class of 2020  ext. 8006
Janelle Walters – Asst. Principal/Activities Director  
Ilce Andersen - Grade Level Office Professional 
Tony Wichmann – Comprehensive Counselor 
Vanessa Salinas – Comprehensive Counselor 

Athletics ext. 8007
Mike Marsh – Athletic Director  
Theresa Wilson - Athletic Director’s Office Professional