Manhattan Alternative High School serves students who are enrolled in one of the vocational trades training programs at Flint Hills Job Corps Center and do not have a high school diploma. These training programs are open to students age 16 to 24 who meet eligibility requirements.

Our program is self-paced and highly individualized. Because of the self-paced format, students may enter the program and complete the program at any point throughout the year. Our operation is designed to permit students to participate in the vocational training program and the high school diploma program simultaneously.

Classes are typically offered through a combination of human-based and computer-assisted instruction. Academic remediation is offered when necessary.

For information on eligibility, to apply for admission, or to participate in a tour of the Flint Hills Job Corp, please contact Mary Welfringer at 785.564.4900.

We look forward to working with you.

Dr. Roger Christian
Director, MAHS