Ogden Principal Jim ArmendarizIt’s back to school time and we anticipate a great start thanks to an entire community, including teachers, parents, students and a host of employees and volunteers.  Every job is important and great things happen when we work together for the success of the students.  Research shows that regardless of race, educational level, or socio-economic status, if parents are active at school their children achieve at higher levels.  We want to offer you some opportunities to be active at your child’s school.

 We have an active Parent/Teacher Organization that has supported our school goals of improving reading, math, and parental involvement.  We have a Site Council active in advising the school on numerous issues.  Both are opportunities to serve the school and demonstrate to children the value of parental involvement.  Thanks to all who serve!

 We will have many family evenings and opportunities to help your child learn to love reading during our Panthers All Read Together program throughout the year. We have a highly successful Kansas Reading Roadmap program to develop our young readers after school. And we have an after school Panther Clubs program to keep your child learning and productively engaged. We look forward to working with you!

 We can only accomplish our mission in partnership with the entire educational community, so thanks for doing all you can to help the school and your child be successful!

Your partner in education,

Mr. Jim Armendáriz