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Destination: Excellence

Enjoy the journey!


C Morton 2019Each year we are blessed to have a number of fresh new faces on our staff at Northview.  It is very exciting!  We also are also extremely fortunate to have a wide range of amazing veteran staff.   With our priority on student learning, the district wide focus on MTSS (Multi-Tier System of Support) will help assure that we address our curriculum with fidelity as well as provide intentional support for students who need review or enrichment.  Weekly class meetings and building buddy activities will help attend to the social emotional needs of students.   Our STAR Expectation Matrix (S=Stay Safe   T=Team Work   A=Act Responsibly   R=Respect All) and the nine core values will provide a strong foundation for a positive Northview school climate.  We are thrilled to team up with our families and the community through communication and engagement.

At Northview, we are looking forward to another fantastic year!  With staff who are caring and skilled, solid curriculum, and innovative approaches, we are prepared to support our students and families at the highest level.   Our DESTINATION: EXCELLENCE.  Join us as we ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

~ Dr. Morton, Principal