Four planning teams are preparing for USD 383 schools to reopen:

Facilities and Safety - This committee is responsible for creation of plans to ensure the safety and security of people and property within the district.

Instruction and Technology - This committee identifies and recommends options for delivery of instruction and the use of technology.

Resources and Support - This committee is responsible for planning how support services such as child nutrition and transportation will operate upon reopening. This committee also has responsibility for tracking and reporting budget impact of COVID-19 considerations from all four reopening planning teams.

Coordination and Communication - This committee includes members from each of the other planning teams, and is responsible for compliance with law and policy, workflow management, communication between work teams, and updates to stakeholder groups.

All four teams have reviewed survey input from parents and staff, and studied reopening documents from health and education officials. Every team is meeting regularly to identify and remove barriers to a successful reopening, with plans to align these local efforts with state guidance.

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