Special Education

While it remains the primary practice and custom for the USD 383 Board of Education and its employees to utilize original ink signatures on all official documents that bind the district to a course of action, USD 383 realizes that emergency situations may call for electronic signatures and scanned signatures in the place of original ink signatures.

Due to the interruption in educational services caused by the coronavirus, the delivery of special education and related services and required meetings related to evaluation and placement decisions, development of Individual Education Plans will take place primarily through virtual means.  

The required paperwork typically requires parent and/or special education team members to give consent to an action, or indicate their participation in the process.

For the remainder of the time in which the coronavirus remains a significant health concern, the USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden department of special education will accept the typed name of parents and staff members on required documents as recognition of the individuals’ consent or participation in the process.

When this crisis passes, the district will return to its normal practice of original ink signatures.