Frequently Asked Questions


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Student/Community questions: 

1. Should families just moving into the district enroll for this school year?

USD 383 is accepting new students.Students should register as usual and the school will reach out to the family to let them know of the current health and safety conditions.

2. What will students with no internet/materials do for learning?
USD 383 is putting a plan together. The plan will be a combination of paper learning and online learning. The district is also working with technology companies to purchase hotpots for student use. We are also pulling devices from school so we can loan them to students (starting with grades 7 - 12).

3. How will students be able to get their belongings (medication, return library books, instruments, learning supplies, etc.)?
Schools are working on a plan for that. Information will be out to families around March 26.

4. Are volunteers/donations needed?
At this time, we are not in need of volunteers. We encourage donations be directed to the Manhattan Community Foundation.

5. Refunds for lunches, clubs, yearbooks, activities, preschool, etc?
The business office is working on the details of that plan and we communicate the details at a later date.

6. Will we repeat this year/repeating grades?
At this time, we do not expect students to repeat their current grade due to COVID-19.Our continuous learning plan should meet the requirements to be able to promote students.

7. What about 6th and 12th grade graduations?
All USD 383 activities have been canceled through May. We understand that graduation is a special event and we want to honor our seniors too! We will be discussing options for a 2020 graduation soon.

8. How can we provide meals to students without transportation?
As of March 23, we have 12 feeding sites and our Child Nutrition team is working on identifying additional sites. At this time, any child wishing to receive a meal will need to be present per federal regulations. See our Child Nutrition page for more information.

9. Is the FIT Closet open?
At this time, the FIT Closet is closed.

10. Can we “check out” or make tech available to students?
See #2 above

11. Can we open the libraries with restrictions?
At this time, the answer is no. No students are allowed inside of buildings. Our librarian team is developing plans to support continuous learning.

12. Will students be sent home with textbooks?
At this time, the answer is no.

13. What will happen with assessments?
State Assessments for the 2019-2020 school year have been waived.

14. How will you support students with an IEP?
Case Managers will reach out to families to communicate with a continuous learning plan for their student.

15. What will happen with summer programs (feeding, school, STEM, etc.)
At this time, we are unsure what will happen with our summer programs. We do anticipate that our summer feeding program will continue.

16. Will make up assignments/extra credit be available?
At this time, we are do not have an answer for this question.

17. Will Bishop Stadium remain open or will it be closed?
At this time, Bishop Stadium is open. You must use your own judgment, be responsible and follow the rules. We will close Bishop Stadium if asked to by the Riley County Health Department.

18. Are school offices required to be open?
USD 383 school offices are available by phone if parents have questions.

19. Return school items back to the school?
Our librarian team is developing a plan for returning library books.

20. Will the Board of Education lower grad requirements from 24 to 21 and only 1 PE credit?
At this time, Manhattan High School graduation requirements will remain the same.

21. Will the district be purchasing the iPads for grades 3, 10, 11, 12?
Our Technology team is developing a plan to loan devices to students/families that need them.

22. Until we have continuous learning set up, anyway schools can send out outlines of lesson plans?
No instruction can take place until our continuous learning plan is in place.

23. What will grade cards look like for the last part of the year?
At this time, we are not sure what the grade cards will look like for the end of the year.

24. MHS yearbooks – how will they be distributed?
At this time, we don’t have an answer to this question.

25. What will happen to Kindergarten Round-Up?
Our elementary team will be discussing  kindergarten pre-enrollment. As soon as we have a plan, we will let the community know.

26. Who is eligible to eat the meals?
All feeding locations are open to any child ages 1-18 regardless of where they live, attend school , or their normal free/reduced or full pay status. we will give any child that comes a meal but the child must be present. This is a federal requirement, not a state or local decision.

27. what have you done so fat to keep buildings clean?
Our night team used the electrostatic sprayer to sanitized all 1 million square feet of our district attendance centers over spring break. We had this plan in place even before the COVID-19 issues came to light. With all the other sicknesses going around, we felt this was important for the safety of our students and staff to have a nice, clean, germ-free place to back to after spring break.


USD 383 employee questions:

1. Will hourly employees still have their jobs after this?
At this time, we are unsure what will happen after the COVID-19 outbreak is contained. But for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, classified (hourly) employees will be paid.It is our intention for everyone to return to their normal job when we return to normal operations.

2. What resources (unemployment, etc.) are available to those who aren’t working?
All USD 383 employees will continue to be employed through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. All USD 383 employees will be expected to work in some capacity as move to our continuous learning plan.

3. Will substitute teachers receive any financial help?
Substitute teachers will also be paid for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. They will be paid based on average hours worked for the months of January and February 2020.

4. What staff is allowed in buildings?
At this time, administrators and office professionals are at their buildings. Our custodial/maintenance team has also been working inside of buildings. Technology staff has been inside of buildings to begin collecting devices. Some teachers/library staff might also be at buildings. NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED IN BUILDINGS. This continues to be a rapidly changing environment.Staff are allowed in the building on a need basis if there is a need to be in the building to perform a function of their job.We would ask all staff to follow new sign in procedures to let custodians know what parts of the building has been used.When in buildings, we would like staff to keep social distancing as a priority and not congregate together.NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED IN BUILDINGS

5. What will happen to employees that were hired but had not completed orientation and/or haven’t started working? Do they still have the job and will they be paid?
If they were offered a position, but hadn’t started the position, they will continue to get paid and should plan to be available to support our continuous learning plans.

6. What will happen to the hourly employees that are not 12 month or salary that have been working (office professionals)? Will they be paid the same as those hourly workers who aren’t working?
All Classified staff will be paid through the remainder of the 2091-2020 school year. There are some employees who worked when the COVID-19 emergency first began and we thank them for their commitment to USD 383. All USD 383 employees will be expected to work in some capacity as move to our continuous learning plan.

7. What will teachers be doing or need to do in preparing lessons?
Principals have met with their staff multiple times. Grade level teams started meeting the week of March 23.

8. When should teachers report to the building? Will they be working from home or school?
Teachers do not need to report to buildings. Meeting are being held virtually. As our continuous learning plan and COVID-19 requirements evolve, we will need to be flexible. For some employees that might mean working from home exclusively, or others that might mean a combination of home and work.

9. Is there an option for employees to work from home?
Yes there will be option for employees to work from home.

10. Will essential employees be able to work from home if needed?
Essential employees are still required to be at work unless that employee is taking leave. Departments may allow employees to work from home, but it may depend on the functions of the job being able to be completed away from our buildings.

11. Will teacher or staff evaluations happen for the year?

Teacher evaluations will continue once our continuous learning plan is in place. Teachers should contact their building principal for information.

12. Are teachers able to get into the buildings?
At this time, teachers are able to get into buildings. NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDINGS.

13. Will key cards for employees be shut off?
At this time, key cards are not shut off.

14. Will spring coaches be paid?

15. What will happen to KSU interns, practicum students,etc.?
We are working with KSU to answer those questions.

17. Can our Social Workers and counselors reach out to students by phone? (If Social Workers do this – does this count as minutes towards services?)
This will be a part of our continuous learning plan. Please work with your building administrator.

18. Can our counselors go ahead and send out requests to our 7th graders (going to be 8th graders via email/messenger) and have them follow enrollment steps?  I asked them to make a video explaining how to do this on IC.  The question/concern would be access for all.  We could also mail out to parents without devices and ability with an envelope/we could also include paper copies for families when we go and distribute student supplies from lockers etc.
Yes, middle schools should continue with their enrollment process. Please work as a team to make it happen.

19.Substitute office professionals - will they get paid?
The district is including subs both classified and licensed to receive pay through the end of the school year.