The Manhattan-Ogden Information Technology (IT) department supports over 5,000 desktops, laptops, iPads as well as peripheral devices across all 13 classroom buildings and nine additional buildings which support the mission of the district.  The IT department is made up of 11 full-time staff members that provide resources to students, teachers, staff and parents on a daily basis. 

The Manhattan-Ogden School District uses Infinite Campus as its Student Information System (SIS).  This system allows students and parents to monitor their classroom progress. 

At this time the school district does not have a 1:1 plan, but it does make available one laptop to every five students.  There are also wired computer labs in each of the classroom buildings.  The district provides an opportunity to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) into each of the schools (please see the building handbook for information on this process). 

Technology plans and processes are reviewed by a District Technology Committee which is comprised of teachers, administrators, parents and community members.  This committee also identifies that goals for technology for the Manhattan-Ogden School District.  The current technology goals are:

Goal 1:  Support the district technology infrastructure, telecommunications, hardware, software, Internet access,   services and resources support the educational and administrative needs of the district.

Goal 2: Create a District technology infrastructure that is able to support district technologies as well as those belonging to internal as well as external constituents.

Goal 3:  Increase Student Achievement through the effective use of technology.

Goal 4:  Ensure that students are technology literate by the end of the 8th Grade.

Goal 5:  Progress toward fully integration of technology into the curriculum.

Goal 6: Develop ethical and responsible users of technology and information resources.

Goal 7:  Improve the capacity of teachers to integrate technology effectively into the curriculum and instruction.

Goal 8:  Encourage effective integration of technology through teacher training and curriculum development to establish replicable best practices.

Goal 9:  Improve the capacity of classified staff to effectively use technology to fulfill their duties.

Mike Ribble, Ed.D.
Director of Technology


Student Website Approval

The Information Technology department has updated the process to request opening websites for student use.

This process adds additional input from administrators on websites being requested.

To help this process, a form has been created to collect information about these student-use websites. The form is linked below.

The process is very similar to the software request form; the faculty/staff member fills out the information and receives the signature of their respective building administrator. The form will be sent to the Information Technology department to check to see if there are special requirements for the website.

 The Director of Information Technology will then gather input from the administrators that are affected by opening this website (e.g., if this is for an elementary website then all elementary principals will be given information about the website).

Once it is approved by the administrators then the website will be opened.

Student Website Approval Form


Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Manhattan-Ogden Compliance

The Children's Internet Protection Act was signed into law on December 21, 2000. Under CIPA, a school district must certify that it is enforcing a policy of Internet safety that includes the use of filtering or blocking technology. This Internet Safety Policy must protect against access, through computers with Internet access, to visual depictions that are obscene, involve child pornography, or are harmful to minors. The school district must also certify that it is enforcing the operation of such filtering or blocking technology during any use of such computers by minors.

Pursuant to the Children's Internet Protection Act, as codified at 47 U.S.C. § 254(h) and (l), the Manhattan-Ogden School District has undertaken such actions, including procurement procedures, to comply with the requirements of CIPA.

CIPA overview

Board Policy (IIBGA) - CIPA

Board of Education Policy IIBG - Computer Use

Revised February 2013. Defines appropriate use of district owned computers, specifies approval processes required for purchase and installation of new hardware and software, and also addresses copyright, privacy rights, and ownership of employee computer materials.

For full text, please follow the link below.

Computer Use - Board Policy

Technology Code of Conduct

Software Request Form

Use the form below to request new software, as required by the district computer use policy (Board of Education Policy IIBG-Computer Use, revised 2013).

Software Request Form


Network Password Reset

Information Technology Basics

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about district technology. 

USD 383 Phone Extension Directory

For internal USD 383 use within the USD 383 phone system

Windows 10 Introduction

Spam Filter Information

Technology Service Tickets: SchoolDude

Submit help tickets for maintenance service. Log in using your district username and password

USD 383 Webmail

Browser-based access to your district email account.

The Role of the Lead Technology Teacher 

The Lead Technology Teacher is a very important contact for technology support and assistance in USD 383.

Technology users needing assistance should contact the Lead Technology Teacher first with any problem that is encountered.

Lead Technology Teachers can provide timely assistance with basic software and hardware problems, or report major problems to the appropriate Tech Team member for resolution.

A Lead Technology Teacher is not expected to solve all problems personally, but is your first point of contact leading to the resolution of minor glitches to major computer outages.

Please contact the Lead Technology Teacher in your building when you experience difficulty or need assistance.

Amanda Arnold: Cassie Bryant
Frank Bergman: Julie Doyen
Bluemont: Megan Mallon
Lee: Amanda Fox
Marlatt: Erica Buchanan
Northview: Ashley Messick
Ogden: Amber Kriley
Theodore Roosevelt: Diane Richard
Woodrow Wilson: Jonathan Thornley
Anthony Middle School: Rhonda Thornburrow
Eisenhower Middle School: Vicki Ekart
MHS-East Campus: Donna Parks
MHS-West Campus: Gail Hughes
Central Kitchen/Child Nutrition: Michelle Sullivan
Head Start: Andy Hutchinson
Transportation: Orren Prohaska
Maintenance: Jason Heikes