What is SIT?

  • SIT stands for the Student Intervention Team. This is a part of the general education process, not special education. 
  • Each building in the district has a SIT Team of educators including teachers, administrators, school psychologists, social workers or counselors. 
  • This team meets on a regular basis to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, find strategies to fit student needs and develop an individualized plan or goal for each student who are struggling with academics, as well as behavior social emotional learning (BSEL). SIT also supports students who may need more challenge or enrichment. 


What do I do if I have concerns about my student?

1.   Contact your student’s teacher. Express your concerns and ask about interventions and strategies that may support or help your student.

2.   Keep lines of communication open between yourself and your student’s teacher and support staff at the school. If you have concerns about your student’s progress, ask your student’s teacher if they can schedule a formal meeting with the SIT team.  

3. Educators may initiate this process as well and invite you to be a part of the SIT meeting. If additional information is needed, you’ll be contacted by someone from the school to seek additional input.