The Teaching & Learning Department is committed to making decisions based on what’s best for kids.  Together this team provides leadership for professional learning of teachers for student success in effective classrooms. The improvement of instructional programs and student learning will continue to be our priority where all can learn!


To support achievement for all students through a guaranteed, viable curriculum, through appropriate resources for learning, through adequate data for analysis and decision-making, and through ongoing improvement using research-based instructional practices.


  1. To improve student academic performance in agreement with district/state curriculum and assessments.
  2. To support innovations in teaching and learning through distribution of grant funding.
  3. To decide program opportunities for students using data and the analysis of that data.
  4. To improve teacher performance through professional development.
  5. To support student achievement through the implementation of instructional media and technology for teachers and students.
  6. To provide services for understanding culturally responsible teaching.
  7. To expand partnerships with Kansas State University, Fort Riley, community businesses and organizations.
  8. To improve services for teaching and learning through program evaluation.


All USD 383 schools were accredited for the 2015-2016 school year.  In preparing for a new K-12 accreditation model, the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation was approved by the Kansas State Board of Education in June of 2016. KESA will officially begin with the 2017-2018 year.

The 2016-2017 year will serve as “Zero Year,” a year of transition, communication and professional learning about the new model.  The new model employs a systems approach to school improvement, accrediting systems instead of schools. It requires systems (USDs and accredited private schools) to engage in a transparent, data-based process of system-wide needs assessment, goal setting, implementation, and reflection.