Manhattan-Ogden USD 383
Kansas State University College of Education
Professional Development School Partnership



 In 1989, initial steps toward a professional development partnership began between Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 and the College of Education at Kansas State University. In 1993, partners formalized a mutually supportive relationship by entering into an agreement to become a Learning Laboratory under the auspices of the National Center for Innovation of the National Education Association (NEA). This long-standing relationship has fostered significant progress in improving student learning and other achievement, increasing the quality of teacher education candidates, raising private funding for student activities, generating external funding for research and development, facilitating professional development for educators, and improving the conditions for teaching and learning: both in USD 383 and at KSU.

The educational benefits provided by the Manhattan-Ogden USD 383/KSU College of Education Partnership include:

  1. Support and enhancement of student learning throughout USD 383
  2. Support and enhancement for the preparation of preservice teachers
  3. Provide professional development opportunities for public school and university faculty
  4. Support and enhance the conditions for teaching and learning
  5. Foster simultaneous efforts for school and university improvements
  6. Identify and support efficiencies in the use of USD 383 and KSU resources
  7. Contribute to the progress of the education profession through joint research and development
  8. Increase external funding to improve teaching, learning, and teacher preparation
  9. Facilitate after school activities, clubs, and science fair projects
  10. Support school improvement plans in each school
All Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 schools serve as Professional Development Schools for pre-service College of Education KSU students.  These pre-service students provide support and instruction in district classrooms.