About Us



The USD 383 Committee for Diversity and Inclusion actively promotes the full representation of human diversity in all its forms and champions the educational equity, inclusion and engagement of all USD 383 students, employees and members of the Manhattan-Ogden community.


USD 383 and the Manhattan-Ogden community will work together to form an inclusive educational environment where the inherent worth and dignity of all people is demonstrated through a pervasive sense of belonging rooted in mutual respect for the talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living of community members across the entire range of human differences, including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, national origin, tribal affiliation, citizenship, language(s), religious affiliation, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, family status, physical and cognitive ability or attributes, military or veteran status, and political beliefs.

3 Components of the Mission Statement

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We propose that the strategic Engagement of diverse members of our school and community is necessary to develop genuine Inclusion of all members of our schools and community into the educational process and experience. Only through full Inclusion can we create true educational Equity.

We seek to create and support a diverse learning environment because research unequivocally shows that increased diversity in the learning environment positively impacts students’ ability to succeed academically as well as in their communities and future work endeavors.

In other words, diversity in and of itself is not the goal. Diversity (i.e. representation of a myriad of human differences), and the strategic inclusion of these differences (e.g. diverse skills, experiences, perspectives, talents, backgrounds, wisdom, cultures, and abilities) including in curriculum, staffing, and social/extracurricular activities, is the means to the goal of overall student success for all USD 383 students.

We believe that this approach will allow us to fully incorporate and address the needs of all students and employees via building relationships , ensuring that instruction is relevant to their lived experiences, that our school culture is responsive to the needs of our students and staff, that there be rigor in providing information, training, and support, and, we expect to see positive results in both academic success of students and a broader sense of belonging for USD 383 students, employees and families as a consequence of these efforts.

Committee History

The Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 Board of Education directed the superintendent to create a district Diversity Committee. The purpose of the committee is to assist and advise efforts of diversity awareness, educational equity, and reduction of racial, ethnic, and economic prejudice and its effects. 

A working group comprised of community leaders, some of whom were former members of the USD 383 Diversity Committee that disbanded when a District Diversity Coordinator position, was created. That District Diversity Coordinator position was eliminated in 2011 due to budget reductions and left a gap to be filled by the new creation of the current USD 383 Committee for Diversity and Inclusion.

Committee Charge

CDI is charged with advising and assisting efforts of diversity awareness, educational equity, and reduction of racial, ethnic and economic prejudice and its effects. The committee does not make policy or curriculum changes, instead recommending revisions, addenda, and resources to meet the stated charge.