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2020-2021 Transfer Request Forms

Post Date:04/15/2020 8:00 AM

Dear Parents:

The Board of Education has approved the following Kindergarten – Grade 8 (K-8) transfer policy:

  • The number of teachers per school will be based on the number of resident students assigned to each elementary school.
  • Schools with growth areas may reserve some capacity for expected incoming students after enrollment.
  • The number of students per classroom would be smaller or no larger at the receiving school than at the sending school.
  • Transfers would be based on the following criteria order for district resident and non-resident K-8 students:

Resident Student (In-District) Transfers

1.    Children of district employees who are employed in the building.
2.    Children who have transferred in previous years with successful attendance etc.; the longer the attendance at the building, the higher the priority.  (A student’s attendance time at their assigned building prior to redistricting would not be considered as years in attendance at their former building under this provision; only students who previously transferred.)
3.    Children who have unique individual needs, such as child care before and after school.
4.    All other in-district transfers, including students changing schools due to redistricting.

Non-Resident Student (Out-of-District) Transfers

5.    Children of district employees.
6.    Children who have transferred in previous years with successful attendance etc. The longer the attendance in USD 383, the higher the priority.
7.    All other out-of-district transfers.

Students requesting a transfer are required to enroll in their assigned school.  Please remember that TRANSFER REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ANNUALLY.  Transfer requests will be accepted beginning April 15, 2020.  All requests will be acted upon after enrollment has been completed and class sizes have been determined.  Parent notification will not occur prior to August 7, 2020.  All records will be forwarded to the receiving school if the transfer is approved.

Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their child(ren) to and from school.  Transportation is not provided by the school district for voluntary transfer students.

If you can't download and print off the transfer form, please call 785-587-2000 and we will mail a form to you.

DO NOT COME to the Education Center - we are closed to the public.

 In District Transfer Request Form

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Out of District Transfer Request Form

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