• building

    Marlatt Elementary

  • 5 Math Outside

    Spring Has Sprung and Math Skills are Blooming

  • 5M 1Q Book Buddies 2

    Reading Together with Book Buddies

  • 5M 1Q Book Buddies

    Book Buddy Peepers

  • Art Batik

    5th and 6th Graders Indigo Inspired Fabric

  • Art Artist

    Gasali Ademeyo Visiting from Nigeria

  • Artist Presentation

    Gasali Ademeyo and His Hand-tied Indigo Dyed Fabric

  • Color Trot Assembly

    Color Trot Kickoff

  • Kinder Recess Chain

    Kindergartners Being Kindergartners! All are Friends!!

  • 5th grade Beach Museum

    Fifth Graders Enthralled at the Beach Museum

  • Green Team

    Marlatt's Green Team Recycling for our School


Vision Statement 

The Marlatt Elementary vision is for all to achieve academic and personal potential as contributors to an ever-changing, diverse world.

Mission Statement 

Through the collaborative efforts of home, school, and community, Marlatt Elementary will provide quality education.  We will uphold high expectations, challenge students to persevere through difficulties, and provide instruction that is relevant to current and future success.  In an environment that is secure, supportive and caring, we model respect and responsibility as we continually advocate for our students.

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