Cancellations for April 25 due to weather:

  • EMS Tennis practice 

Manhattan-Ogden Community – below is a link to a facilities survey being conducted by Patron Insights. This is the same survey that is also being conducted through a phone survey of area residents. We ask that you only take the survey one time. You will need about 10 minutes to complete the survey. You must complete the survey in one sitting.

This survey will close at midnight, the evening of May 1. Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us your thoughts and feedback on our facilities!

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Are you concerned with your infant/toddler's development?

You might want to consider contacting our agency if you notice that an infant or toddler:

  • Has asymmetrical movements: that is, does everything with the left side and hardly ever uses the right side, or one side of body is much stronger than the other
  • Moves very little, limbs are limp, or movements are jerky and spastic
  • Does not use index finger to point to indicate interest (by 18 months)
  • Does not respond to name when you call (by 12 months)
  • Does not bring objects over to you to show you (by 18 months)
  • Is hard to calm or comfort
  • Has rapid, extreme mood changes
  • Shows little interest in people or toys
  • Is always fearful or on guard
  • Does not follow simple directions (by 18 months)
  • Is not waving bye-bye (by 12 months)
  • Does not walk without help (by 16 months)
  • Is not reaching for toys and picking them up (by 6 months)
  • Does not use 8-10 words (by 18 months)
  • Does not smile in response to your face or smile
  • Was born prematurely (less than 31 weeks gestation)
  • Had extremely low birth weight or failure to thrive
  • Has difficulty feeding or unusual eating patterns
  • Does not repeat activities despite family encouragement
  • Displays tantrums or aggression that are of concern to the parent
  • Absence of or limited interaction/attachment to significant adult
  • Difficulty with typical daily routines or becomes overly upset when routines are changed

To request a developmental evaluation, please download the form below