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Are you concerned with your infant/toddler's development?

You might want to consider contacting our agency if you notice that an infant or toddler:

  • Has asymmetrical movements: that is, does everything with the left side and hardly ever uses the right side, or one side of body is much stronger than the other
  • Moves very little, limbs are limp, or movements are jerky and spastic
  • Does not use index finger to point to indicate interest (by 18 months)
  • Does not respond to name when you call (by 12 months)
  • Does not bring objects over to you to show you (by 18 months)
  • Is hard to calm or comfort
  • Has rapid, extreme mood changes
  • Shows little interest in people or toys
  • Is always fearful or on guard
  • Does not follow simple directions (by 18 months)
  • Is not waving bye-bye (by 12 months)
  • Does not walk without help (by 16 months)
  • Is not reaching for toys and picking them up (by 6 months)
  • Does not use 8-10 words (by 18 months)
  • Does not smile in response to your face or smile
  • Was born prematurely (less than 31 weeks gestation)
  • Had extremely low birth weight or failure to thrive
  • Has difficulty feeding or unusual eating patterns
  • Does not repeat activities despite family encouragement
  • Displays tantrums or aggression that are of concern to the parent
  • Absence of or limited interaction/attachment to significant adult
  • Difficulty with typical daily routines or becomes overly upset when routines are changed

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