Challenging Behaviors

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You can help your child to be better emotionally regulated by being the person you want your child to become, setting limits respectfully, building self esteem and will power, helping children learn from their mistakes and seeing the best in others.  These strategies are taught in the Conscious Discipline program by Becky Bailey.  This program is based on current brain research, child development information, and effective educational practices. Conscious Discipline uses everyday life events to teach self-control, conflict resolution, character development, and social skills. Adults and children are empowered to respond rather than react to life events, creating lasting change.  For more information go to

The Happy Toddler

What are the main secrets to raising "the happiest toddler on the block?" Dr. Harvey Karp shares three: Play and talk together a lot. Just as feeding dimes into a parking meter all day long protects you from dreaded tickets, many five and ten minute helpings of playtime throughout each day ward off temper outbursts and create a growing relationship of cooperation and caring with your toddler. Establish clear and consistent limits. Toddlers like uncivilized little cavemen, will push you around if you're wimpy about the rules. But, pick your battles. Only set limits you know you can enforce and then be prepared to take a stand. Above all, treat your child with respect. Even when he's doing something you hate, always show him respect with your words and actions. One of the best ways to show your respect is to try to speak to him in his own primitive language. Energetically echoing your toddler's feelings will help you quiet the yelling, lessen the frustration and create a more loving, happy time for both of you. For more information, read Dr. Harvey Karp's highly acclaimed book, "The Happiest Toddler on the Block."