USD 383 Early Learning

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Preschool students building with wooden blocks
Preschool students dancing
Preschool student coloring with markers
Preschool students playing a game
Preschool student painting a picutre
Preschool students dancing
Preschool students learning about the alphabet

It is incredible how naturally curious and mesmerized by learning our young children are. They bring in the caterpillar from the back yard, ask for containers to fill and dump, and sort their cereal into piles and eat only the marshmallows. It’s sad that we all too often see this spark of excitement and joy for learning fade with age.

In our school district we value the impact that early learning has on setting the stage for success later in life. For this reason, we work together as a district and with our community to ensure the families in the Manhattan and Ogden area have the connections and resources they need to support their early learners.

For more detailed information on what we have to offer, please use the links to the right. We look forward to working with you and supporting you in the learning of your young child!