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Open Door

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Diploma Completion

This program provides an opportunity for students who did not finish high school to obtain high school diploma.  Each student is placed on an independent study contract specifically designed to help complete the necessary coursework. Open Door offers the same coursework as Manhattan High School through the Plato Edmentum Computerized platform. 

Teacher Support

Take advantage of the on-line classes with 100% teacher support between the hours of 8-5PM, Monday-Thursday. A secondary certified teacher is available to support the students through all of the classes.

Flexible Schedule

Although Open Door is not a virtual school, the classes are web-based. All classes are taken on a computer in our instructional lab. Students are required to spend at least 50% of their time in the instructional lab, but the other 50% can be spent outside of the school (this is known as Hybrid Time), as long as the student is over 18. The lab is open 8AM to 5PM, create a schedule that works for you!


In partnership with various community colleges, qualifying students may be able to work on general education courses towards post-secondary (PSE) credit. This can be obtained concurrently with diploma completion.

College and Career Readiness Counselor

Open Door has a certified college and Career Reading Counselor to advise students through their chosen pathway. The two ways most students chose are workforce and/or PSE.

Work Experience Credit

Have a job? Don't think you can spend enough time in the instructional lab to complete all of your credits? Open Door Provides work experience credit for the hours that you have to work.

Work Keys Certification

On the workforce pathway? Would you like a job? Would you like a better job? Open Door Provides Work Keys credit and certification!