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Manhattan-Ogden Community – below is a link to a facilities survey being conducted by Patron Insights. This is the same survey that is also being conducted through a phone survey of area residents. We ask that you only take the survey one time. You will need about 10 minutes to complete the survey. You must complete the survey in one sitting.

This survey will close at midnight, the evening of May 1. Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us your thoughts and feedback on our facilities!

Suicide Prevention

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Jason Flatt Act: Suicide Prevention Plan, Crisis Intervention and Professional Learning
The Jason Flatt Act (KSA 72-8260) was passed by the Kansas Legislature and signed by the governor in spring 2016. As a result of this law, each building will have a crisis plan that will include:

  • recognition of suicide ideation;
  • appropriate interventions; and a crisis recovery plan

So that this information is in the hands of those working closest to the student, each school will provide at least one hour of suicide awareness and prevention training for all school personnel. The content of this training will be made available for parental review.

The board of education of each school district shall provide suicide awareness and prevention programming to all
school staff and shall notify the parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in such school district that the
training materials provided under such programming are available to such parents or legal guardians.

    • Such programming shall include at a minimum:
      • At least one hour of training each calendar year based on programs approved by the State Board of Education. Such training may be satisfied through independent self-review of suicide
        prevention training materials; and
      • A building crisis plan developed for each school building. Such plan shall include:
        • Steps for recognizing suicide ideation;
        • Appropriate methods of interventions; and
        • A crisis recovery plan
    • On or before January 1, 2017, the State Board of Education shall adopt rules and regulations necessary to implement the provisions of this section.

    Kansas Youth Suicide Statistical Impact
    Kansas 2013 Youth Risk Behavioral Survey

    When young people were asked in Kansas:

    • “Have you experienced the feeling of hopelessness and sadness for a constant period of two weeks or greater during the past twelve months (possible beginning of clinical depression)?”
      • 24.0% answered YES or Almost 1 out of every 4 young people. Compared to Nationally – 29.9%
        (depression is a leading cause of suicide). This equates to 49,968 youth in the state that will have
        these feelings in the next 12 months if nothing is done differently.
    • “Have you seriously considered suicide in the past twelve months?”
      • 16.4% answered YES or Almost 1 out of every 6 young people. Compared to Nationally – 17.0%. This equates to 34,145 youth in the state that will consider suicide in the next 12 months if nothing is done differently.
    • “Have you made a plan to commit suicide in the past twelve months?”
      • 12.5% answered YES or 1 out of every 8 young people. Compared to Nationally – 13.6%. This equates to 26,025 youth in the state that will make a plan if nothing is done differently.
    • “Have you attempted suicide in the past twelve months?”
      • 8.4% answered YES or Over 1 out of every 12 young people. Compared to Nationally – 8.0%. This
        equates to 17,489 youth in the state that will make an attempt in the next 12 months if nothing is done differently. This is an average of 48 per day.