USD 383 Lunch Menu Updates

  • Thursday menu changed to calzones

  • Monday menu changed to hot ham and cheese


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School Bus Safety

There is one simple thing that each of us can do to make sure students are safe while loading and unloading a school bus. That one simple thing – stop for a stopped school bus.

Please obey the law and stop for a stopped school bus. Be the difference!

Transportation Handbook

The goal of Transportation Services is to provide safe, comfortable and efficient transportation. In order to achieve this goal, Transportation Services has instituted a discipline plan to address student misconduct.

After School Transportation Disclaimer

Route times posted for buses returning students from school are approximate due to traffic and the number of students riding. Because of these conditions beyond our control, the Transportation Department is not responsible for the accuracy of these times.

Student drop-off times for after school late runs will vary from day to day depending on the number of students riding and the route distances required.

School Boundary Maps

Maps of school locations and attendance boundaries are available online from the Riley County GIS.

Maps of school locations and attendance boundaries are available online from the Riley County GIS office at

  • Click on the Accept and Continue button on the welcome page.
  • Open the Voting Districts tab on the right column.
  • Click on the School Attendance Zone box.
  • Click on the Zoom To: Manhattan box at the top of the screen. Then click on the School Attendance Zone words on the right column and the color coded map will open.
  • If you want to check an address, click on the Find Address link in the bottom left column. Enter the address in the search for box.
  • Information will come up that tells you what elementary, middle and high school students in that house will attend.

Middle school attendance is determined by where the student attends elementary school.

  • Anthony Middle School receives students from Amanda Arnold, Frank Bergman, Marlatt, and Ogden
  • Eisenhower Middle School receives students from Lee, Bluemont, Theodore Roosevelt, Northview, and Woodrow Wilson

All high school students attend Manhattan High school. Freshmen attend MHS East Campus at 901 Poyntz Avenue. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors attend MHS West Campus at 2100 Poyntz Avenue.


Inclement Weather Bus Stops

Some streets and roads are not able to be traveled by a school bus due to inclement weather. Click below for information on Inclement Weather Bus Stops and find out if your child's bus stop could be affected.