Technology Directory List

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Apgar, David Network AdministratorTechnology(785) 587-2820
Brown, ThomasPC Support ManagerTechnology(785) 587-2054
Bryant, Todd Data ManagerTechnology(785) 587-2000 ext. 1860
Dockins, RussNetwork Service ManagerTechnology(785) 587-2820
Eaves, TylerComputer Support TechnicianTechnology(785) 587-2054
Hannan, LauraComputer Support Technician - PTTechnology(785) 587-2054
Hollingshead, KevinNetwork AdministratorTechnology(785) 587-2820
Kuehne, BenComputer Support Technician - Lead TechnicianTechnology(785) 587-2054
Ransom, JoshuahComputer Support TechnicianTechnology(785) 587-2054
Ribble, Dr. MikeDirector, TechnologyAdministration, Technology(785) 587-2066
Steck, SandyOperations and SupportTechnology(785) 587-2008
Triana, JoseComputer Support TechnicianTechnology(785) 587-2054