Goals and Learner Outcomes

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Manhattan-Ogden USD 383


Where All Can Learn


The mission of the Manhattan-Ogden School District is to educate each student to be a contributing citizen in a changing, diverse society.


1.   The education of all students will be based on high academic standards.

2.   Curricular standards will be implemented consistently across the district.

3.   Basic skills, thinking skills, core knowledge, multicultural understanding, and personal and civic responsibilities will be the foundation of an integrated curriculum.

4.   Assessment of student learning will be aligned with district curriculum and appropriately balanced with instructional time.

5.   The district will provide adequate and equitable support of programs through existing and new resources.

6.   Schools will accommodate the needs of individual learners while being guided by high expectations for all students.

7.   Lifelong learning experiences will be offered for prekindergarten through adult regardless of age, gender, ability, race, religion, or economic status.

8.   The district will implement policies and practices to attract and retain quality staff. Regular, formal, and timely evaluation procedures will be used to improve the effectiveness of instruction and the performance of personnel.

9.   The district and the schools will provide staff with adequate time and resources to engage in productive professional planning and development.

10. The appropriate use of technology for learning, instruction, communication, and management will be supported.

11. The district and the schools will provide a safe and orderly environment.

12. Schools will involve families in the education of their students.

13. The district and the schools will increase the frequency and effectiveness of communication with their staff, students, parents and community patrons.

14. Partnerships will be maintained and expanded with the broader communities.


Revised 05-18-05

Reaffirmed: 07-06-16