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Construction Update - June, 2019

Preliminary Project Drawings - early learning centers and new elementary school

Currently the projects that design groups and district personnel have been working on are as follows: Blue Township Elementary, College Hill Early Learning Center, Eugene Field Early Learning Center, Keith Noll Maintenance Center, Anthony and Eisenhower Middle Schools and MHS West. 

Eugene Field and College Hill Early Learning Centers

BG Consultants/Alloy Architects and BHS/Hutton – Clint Hibbs, Bob Faires and Patrick Schutter

Early Childhood Representatives – Laura Thilges, Naomi Brandenburg, Tara Rosenow, Teri Bailey-Johnson, Elisabeth Nelson, Brandy Kirk and Andy Hutchinson

District Administration Representatives – Eric Reid, Matt Davis and Trisha Brooke-Fruendt

  • Both plans were presented to the BOE and to Facilities & Growth.
  • There has been no major changes since those presentations.
  • Warehouse and Maintenance have moved College Hill out to the warehouse and their temporary home at Trinity.
  • The group has meet to go over the layouts of the administrative area and classrooms.
  • We looked in more details of casework and both areas of administration and classrooms.
  • The architect showed some plans on massing of the building.Massing is what the exterior of the building and what it will look like.Slope of the roof line and the exterior finishes.
  • The group will meet again on June 26, 2019.

New Elementary School in Blue Township

BG Consultants/Alloy Architects and BHS/Hutton – Clint Hibbs, Bob Faires, Spencer Levin, Patrick Schutter

Elementary Representatives – Courtney Smith, Debra Schapaugh, Elise Wall, Heather Augustine, Kira Pearce, Miranda Robinson, Scott Snyder

District Administration Representatives - Eric Reid, Matt Davis and Trisha Brooke-Fruendt, Darell Edie, Dave Colburn, Karla Hagemeister, Lacee Sell, Lew Faust, Lucas Shivers, Marvin Wade, Mike Ribble, Debora Howser

  • This plan was shown to the BOE and F&G.
  • Kindergarten rooms were discussed in more depth. Drinking fountains will be added to the outer wall of the restrooms.
  • No carpet will be in front of the restrooms, cubbies and the sink/cabinet area by the main door entry.
  • Discussed the configuration of cubbies and the number to have.We are trying to maximize the number of cubbies.
  • The teaching wall needs to have the projector and white board centered.
  • Discussed 1st grade through 5th in how the rooms need to be configured.
  • Consensus on the cubbies is that the need to have a long/tall cubbies on the bottom and two box cubbies on the top. Above the cubbies need to be cabinets for storage.
  • All the countertops with sinks and storage for teachers will be the same from room to room.
  • The teaching walls will all be configured the same.
  • Talked about the barrier of a storage room for tables and chairs for the music room.
  • Discussed about not have a permanent wall to divide the main hallway and the commons area.
  • Talk about the many ways to absorb sound.

Amanda Arnold Elementary School

BG Consultants/Alloy Architects and BHS/Hutton – Clint Hibbs, Bob Faires, Spencer Levin, Patrick Schutter

Amanda Arnold Team – Kathy Stitt, Shirley Vogts, Craig Babcock and Tricia Dunning

District Administration Representatives - Eric Reid, Matt Davis and Trisha Brooke-Fruendt

  • Plans were shown to F&G and given the thumbs up for moving forward.
  • The parking lot will be located on the southwest corner of the property.
  • We will also be addressing the drainage issue along the south side of the property.
  • An alternate bid for additional ADA parking and entrance on the south side.
  • Another alternate bid for replacing existing parking lot light fixtures and adding lights fixtures in the north parking lot as well in the rest of the parking areas.
  • We will bid this project on a schedule for this summer as well as bidding it for construction next summer. We want the most for our construction dollars.
  • The project was bid in June and bids came in favorable for construction this summer.
  • Able to accept all alternates.
  • This is an action item for June 26th BOE meeting.

Manhattan High School

Gould Evans and McCown Gordon Construction – Adam Sterns, Whitney Lange, Tucker Peddicord

MHS West – Michael Dorst, Adam O’Neill, Chelsea Barten, David Holloway, Karyn Sullivan, Kristy Nyp, Lena Gruenbacher, Lisa Heller, Mike Marsh

District Administration Representatives – Eric Reid, Matt Davis, Mike Ribble, Karla Hagemeister and Trisha Brooke-Fruendt

  • The design team and district administrative representatives met to discuss the first Level 3 meeting and outcome.
  • Talked more in generality about the number of classrooms moving from the East campus up to the West campus.
  • Consensus is that the 9th graders be integrated into the rest of the building and not be separated into their own wing.
  • GEA showed us five different options for additions.Two were very favorable for more than expected additional classrooms and being able to keep A and B hallways.
  • GEA presented what was the average class size of 800 sqft, is mainly throughout the main building. The group of teachers were going to go and look at the rooms and see if this size would be acceptable/workable.
  • GEA also showed some concepts that they had been working on for where the additions could possibly go for the gym and the classrooms.The designers are looking at maximizing the amount of sq. ft. for the construction dollars.
  • GEA also said what if we did not tear down A and B hall. What would that look like?

Keith Noll Maintenance Center

Gould Evans and McCown Gordon Construction – Adam Sterns, Tucker Peddicord

Keith Noll Maintenance Center – Matt Davis

District Administration Representatives – Eric Reid, Matt Davis and Trisha Brooke-Fruendt

  • The entire design team and district meet to talk about how to move forward.
  • Olsson & Associates will complete a site survey by the end the week of June 3, 2109.
  • The team still wants to get out an early metal building package.
  • The goal is still to get the slab poured before the winter settles in.
  • Maintenance will be housed on the west side of the property in job trailers during construction.
  • The lay down yard will be the existing parking lot.
  • Construction office is looking into the mobile office units.

Eisenhower and Anthony Middle Schools

BG Consultants/Alloy Architects and McCown Gordon Construction – Clint Hibbs, Barry Schmidt, Jeff Sherrard, Charlie Ochs, Tucker Peddicord, Bob Faires, Craig Lofton

Middle School Principals and Assistants –Vickie Kline, Tracy Newell

Teacher Representatives - TBA

District Administration Representatives - Eric Reid, Matt Davis and Trisha Brooke-Fruendt

  • Architects took comments back from last meeting in regards to the OP’s area, records and restrooms.
  • Restroom was added at the front of the building.
  • We talked about these changes and whether the team liked them or not.
  • The choir room will be left in its existing location.
  • Wish list is to have the orchestra and band lockers to be enclosed.
  • The design team was able to add another restroom into the center of the pod. So there are two individual restrooms in each pod.
  • The height of the band and orchestra room was discussed. We did not come to a conclusion on this. This area is part of the storm shelter.
  • Discussion was held that the storm shelter cannot be right up against the end of the Rec Center since it has translucent panels.
  • The design team presented to F&G on June 12th. They will now present to the full BOE on June 26th. The design team will then go back to F&G for final thumbs up on July 10th.