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     FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2019


East Campus:

This will be the last week to pick up art from Mr. Byquist’s room. After this Friday everything will be given away or thrown out


Chicken Drummies, Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes, Sliced Pears, Seasonal Fruit, PB&J Uncrustable, Side Salad Bar, Choice of Milk Variety


West Campus:

With the start of new semester, the parking rules are still the same. All students are required to have a current parking permit displayed on their vehicle to park on campus. Students may only park in parking lots marked for students in marked vehicle spaces. Students may not park in Faculty Lots or Visitor Parking. Students parking in Faculty lots or visitor parking or on the grass or in other marked no parking areas will receive a parking ticket. When a student receives a parking ticket their parent / guardian will receive an E-mail that day stating their student has received a parking ticket. After three tickets, the students parking privilege’s will be revoked until their tickets are paid.

Congratulations to Katharina Ohler for winning the Blue Light Journal's December writing contest on the theme "Connections." Katharina can pick up her Chick-fil-A gift card in room C107. You could be the winner of the January contest with the theme of "Icebreakers." Just submit your poem, short story or other creative writing piece about Icebreakers by Jan. 31, and your winning entry could be featured in this year's literary magazine! See Ms. Lee or Mrs. Nyp for details. 

Do you like to write stories, take pictures, or create art? The Blue Light Journal is now open for submissions. Blue Light Journal is the MHS literary magazine that includes students' creative work such as poems, graphic art, and photography. Submission deadline is March 7th. For details come to A112 or C107.

Last but not least the results from last night’s MR. MHS:

Congratulations to the follow:

Mr. Congeniality went to: Suman Wang

Fan Favorite went to: Parker Wilson

Runner Up went to: Jacob Wineland

And this Year’s MR. MHS is: Max Lansdowne


Chicken Drummies, Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes, Fresh Fruit Variety, Sliced Pears, Whole Wheat Honey Roll, PB&J Uncrustable, Side Salad Bar, Classic Cheeseburger, Choice of Milk Variety