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updated for 2019-2020

2019-2020 Academic Calendar

Start/Release Times
7:42am - 2:56pm

Half Day Schedule
7:42am - 10:55am


EMS Bell Schedule

 Period 1

 Period 2
 8:33am  9:20am
 Period 3
 9:24am  10:11am
 Period 4
 10:17am  11:02am
 Period 5
 11:06am  12:23pm
 Period 6
 12:27pm  1:14pm
 Period 7
 1:18pm  2:05pm
 Period 8
 2:09pm  2:56pm


First Lunch: 11:02am - 11:32am
Class: 11:36am - 12:23pm

Second Lunch: 11:52am - 12:23pm

Class: 11:06am - 11:53am