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Traci KazarART - Mrs. Kazar

Welcome to the art room!  I teach all of the art classes at EMS including drawing, ceramics, painting, and crafts.  In each of these classes, students are introduced to a variety of artistic styles and techniques in order to help them improve their artistic ability.  Students are introduced to several artists as well as using the Principles and Elements of Design.

Drawing students are introduced to contour lines, perspective drawing, value, and color.  In ceramics, students use hand-built techniques to create pieces of art with clay including pinch, coil, and slab. 

Painting classes study various famous artists as well as learn to use both acrylic and watercolor paints.  In crafts, students create art using a variety of materials including paper, metal, paint, and stained glass.

Plan time: 5th Hour (10:58 - 12:13)

Team planning period:3rd Hour (9:20am - 10:05)

Email: traciek@usd383.org


BAND - Mr. Freeby

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My name is Scott Freeby and I’ll be leading your child on a controlled YET EXUBERANT expedition of musical merriment, mayhem and majesty in BAND.  Our mutual excursion of discovery sets sail with some basic tools of our trade including a comprehensive understanding of the 9 (one-beat) rhythms and how to count and clap those rhythms in exercises and real world sheet music.  Our initial literature for the course will focus on PEP BAND MUSIC, MARCHES, and the STAR-SPANGLED BANNER that we’ll be performing as the sounds of the gridiron (that’s the football pep band for those who may not be aware what a gridiron is).  

Throughout the year we will have many varied styles of music including (but not necessarily limited to) MARCHES, MUSICALS, TV AND MOVIE MUSIC, BALLADS, OVERTURES, and Yes…. ORIGINAL, WORLD-PREMEIR TUNES that we’ll learn for an INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAMING PROJECT  that will be presented in May of the school year!


Email: scottf@usd383.org


Choir - Mr. Leonard

Hello! My name is Roger Taylor III and I am the choir director at EMS and AMS and I am very excited to start my teaching career here in Manhattan! During these choir classes, students will learn more about music theory, performance, history, and culture all while having fun in a positive and healthy environment. 

  Email: rogert@usd383.org

Debra CarrCOMPUTER - Mrs. Carr

 Email: debrac@usd383.org






 Hello! My name is Joe Worden. I’m the Exploring Technology teacher at Eisenhower Middle School. This is an elective class that is open to all 7th and 8th grade students at EMS. Technology is 9 week class that students can take up to 6 times during their middle school career. The class consists of 18 “hands-on” modules or stations. A module is a workstation that focuses on a number of different areas related to technology and can accommodate up to two students. They are setup on a 8 day rotation after which they move on to a new station. During the 9 week class students will explore and discover 4 of the modules. Some of the modules that are offered are Weather, Engines, Flight, Research and Design, Rocketry and Space, Computer Graphics & Animation, Energy Power & Mechanics, Robots, Electricity and many more.  

Email: josephw@usd383.org


Welcome to the Family and Consumer Science Department.  My name is Mrs. Vogt.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach at Eisenhower Middle School.  The goal of the six introductory classes offered in the FACS department is to teach basic life skills and to explore possible career pathways that may be continued at the high school level. 

In the nutrition and wellness area, I teach Baking Basics, Cooking For Others, and Making Meals.  We cover safety, sanitation, and kitchen basics in all of the foods classes.  Baking Basics is an introductory class focusing on the basics of baking.  Food lab experiences include:   cookies, quick breads, yeast breads, pies, and cakes.  Making Meals focuses on the basic principles of food preparation and meal planning.  Food lab experiences will include foods served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as simple snacks and desserts.   Cooking For Others is open for 8th graders and focuses on the basic principles of food preparation.  Nutrition, dietary guidelines, and MyPlate are incorporated into every unit.  Food lab experiences include foods from each part of MyPlate:  Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, and Dairy.

I also teach Sewing  For Fun, Decorating My Living Space, and Caring For Children.  In Sewing For Fun, students learn basic hand and machine sewing skills.  Projects include a pincushion, pillowcase, patchwork pillow and shorts, pajama pants or a gym bag.  This class may be taken a second time and make different projects.  Decorating My Living Space is an introduction to the principles and elements of interior design.  The highlight for students in this class is to design a miniature bedroom in a box project.  Caring  For Children focuses on learning the developmental stages and characteristics of children.  We also cover the basics of babysitting and host a “Kids Day” inviting children from the community to spend a few hours with us.

Email:  kariv@usd383.org 

JordanMrs. Engleman - Health

Hello! I am Jordan Engleman and I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade health this year. I graduated from Manhattan High School then received my degree from the University of Kansas in Health and Physical Education in 2011. Since graduating my husband and I have had two children and are expecting our third in December. I have been teaching health and Girls PE at Manhattan High School East Campus for the last four years and am excited to start my journey here at EMS!

Email: jordane@usd383.org



Cody TollORCHESTRA - Mr. Toll

Beginning Orchestra (1st quarter only) This is a class for students who would like to learn to play Violin, Viola, Cello or String Bass. It is also for students who already have played in 6th grade and would like extra help. Students switching from one string instrument to another should also sign up for beginning strings. These students then join regular orchestra, quarters 2-4.

Orchestra (quarters 1 through 4) The middle school Orchestra is a combined 7th and 8th grade group. We continue to practice string techniques and rehearse a wide variety of string music. The Orchestra performs at the Mall, Elementary schools, and our regular concerts at the middle school and MHSW Auditorium. There are opportunities during the year to perform solos and ensembles at various Festivals and contests.

He is at Eisenhower 1st period (7:50 - 8:40 pm) and Anthony during 6th & 7th periods (12:39 - 2:11 pm). Elementary orchestra is taught in between the two middle schools.


Madeline TritschPHYSICAL EDUCATION - Mrs. Tenbrink

Welcome to Girls PE!  This is my third year at Eisenhower and I am constantly looking for new and exciting ways to improve our program.  Continuing this year, we will be doing two days of Fitness: Mondays and Thursdays.  On these days we will focus on cardiovascular exercises, strength, and conditioning.  During each quarter we will do Fitness Testing.  We will use the nation’s standards and students that achieve certain levels will be presented with the Presidential Fitness Award.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Unit days.  We will teach a variety of units from team sports, individual and dual sports, and cooperative learning games.  Throughout these units there may be the occasional skill check and/or quiz to check for knowledge and understanding of the material presented. On Fridays we return to the classic games such as Capture the Flag and Kickball. 

Students are expected to change into a PE Uniform for class.  These shirts may be purchased in the main office at EMS.  We also request they wear dark colored shorts or pants and athletic shoes.  We do like to go outside and use the wonderful facilities here at Eisenhower.  Being prepared with a jacket, especially for morning classes is highly recommended.

The goal of our PE program is to introduce our students to a variety of physical activities that they can enjoy throughout their lifetime.

I look forward to another great year!

Plan time: 5th hour (11:25am - 12:11pm)

Email: madelinet@usd383.org

Twitter: @EMSGirlsPE


Tony IngramPHYSICAL EDUCATION - Mr. Ingram

Welcome to Boy's PE at Eisenhower Middle School!  Each day we will focus on the following goals:

1) To get students active daily

2) Expose students to many different sports, games and recreational activities

  3) Teach the importance and need for lifetime fitness

  4) Have fun!!

Students are expected to change into a PE Uniform every day.  The PE shirt can be purchased at school for $5. We also request they wear dark colored shorts or pants and athletic shoes.  We do like to go outside and use the wonderful facilities here at Eisenhower.  Being prepared with a jacket, especially for morning classes is highly recommended. 

Each week we will have two fitness days. Monday will have a focus on building cardiovascular endurance and aerobic capacity. Thursday's focus will be strength training, flexibility and speed/agility development.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be unit days where we'll play various team and individual sports, as well as recreational games and activities. Friday will be a game day not related to our unit (I.e. Capture the flag, matball, dodgeball, etc.) 

Email: tonyi@usd383.org

Lori OBrien-7 silverREADING - Mrs. O'Brien

Welcome to reading class.  Students will work with many different types of text in class to improve skills and increase efficacy.  We will work on a number of strategies that can be applied to whatever they are reading to help them comprehend and remember their reading better.  Comprehension, collaboration and presentation of knowledge will be displayed in many ways by the students.  The BIGGEST THING that will IMPROVE their reading, is TO READ!  Please set up a time for your student to read daily at home in order for them to make the most gains.  Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

Email: lorio@usd383.org



Email: meganmc@usd383.org