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Friday, April 18, 2014 3:42:31 PM
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Riley County, Children, Youth, and Families Planning Team
Parents as Teachers

Brandy Kirk, Director

300 Griffith Drive
Manhattan, KS  66502

(785) 587-2058

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USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden Parents as Teachers


The natural way for a child to learn is through play. Through play, children acquire essential skills, which later enable them to learn to read, write, and count.
Types of books and techniques for using them from Birth to 36 months.
Turn everyday household items into developmentally appropriate toys for your children.
They may not know how to put one foot in front of the other all the time, but they do understand...
Your child may be comfy and warm when she sleeps, but make sure she's bedded down in the safest pj's possible.
Discover how the imagination grows as the child ages.
Ideas that could help your child relate better to others.
Even a properly buckled-in child can get hurt. Watch out for...
Book Reading
How many books do you read to your child per week?
15 or more
Did You Know?

Babies learn more during the first three years of life than at any other period in his/her life. Parents, as designers of their child's world, play the most important role in helping their baby's brain make and maintain the right connections.