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USD 383 Bond Fact

Post Date:10/04/2018 9:20 AM

USD 383 Bond Fact of the Week

  • If the 6th grade is moved to the middle schools, what will happen with 5th/6th band and orchestra classes?

    • The majority of 6-8 middle schools begin band and orchestra in 6th grade on the elective schedule every day.  Currently, our 5th and 6th grade band/orchestra students have classes two times per week 40 minutes each time.  A daily schedule for a year in 6th grade yields more instructional time for students that twice a week over two years.  There is also the opportunity to allow for specific instrument classes, such as woodwinds, brass, high strings, low strings etc.  While this is the most common delivery method and preference of most of our music teachers, it would be up to our district to decide what is best for our students going forward which would certainly take input from all interested parties.  The reduction of travel of current band and orchestra teachers could also open up expanded opportunities at the secondary level for our music program.  There is still the potential to offer 5th grade band/orchestra classes if that is the desire moving forward, but that decision has yet to be made with certainty.  Different districts use different delivery methods, and there is success to be found using either structure.  Our music team is excited to tackle the challenge on how to serve our students best. 
    • If you refer to the FAQ general questions section regarding what happens if the bond issue does not pass, you will see that it is a distinct possibility that the district will need to re-purpose elective classrooms such as music, art, and STEM to make more regular classrooms.  This will make any 5th/6th electives very difficult in terms of space moving forward, and we may not be able to continue what we currently offer due to lack of space.  Most of our music electives use these rooms when available, or they use cafeteria and/or gym space to hold classes.  More regular sections will make less space available for these elective classes, and it would be even more difficult to continue our current practice. 
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